3D Temporary Nipple Tattoos


Heal Thy Skin Podcast- Dermhealth

Heal Thy Skin Podcast- Dermhealth

LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE The areola is part of the human breast and plays a key role in the aesthetic look of a breast. Since a woman’s self-image c...
Tattooed nipples restore self-esteem for Breast Cancer survivors

Tattooed nipples restore self-esteem for Breast Cancer survivors

Breast cancer survivors using temporary nipple tattoos to reclaim their bodies

Breast cancer survivors using temporary nipple tattoos to reclaim their bodies


"There is a need for that emotional connection at the end of the treatment process to help women feel whole again," she told 9Honey.

Positioning of Nipple


Permanent 3D Nipple Tattooing

Post Mastectomy

Second session of 3D permanent tattoos

Post Top Surgery

First session of 3D permanent tattoos after post top surgery for Transgender client

Post Mastectomy

Inverted Nipple- After first & second sessions of permanent 3D tattoos

Post Breast Lift

Replacing lost pigment of the areola due to surgery scarring- after second session


I have created a list of local businesses who are directly involved within the Breast Cancer Community. I strongly believe that these local groups are really special in helping our women to feel whole again through their unique services they provide.


'The funny thing was that when my husband took the pictures, he took a while to figure out which one was the real one and which one was the tattoo...confirmation that you are an amazing artist! Thank you again for doing this Aleisha, I am so pleased with the result, its so authentic!' 


Until just recently I would never have imagined that I would have a tattoo, let alone visit a tattoo artist, but at 68 years of age following a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer and subsequent reconstruction things just didn't look finished. I am so glad that I met Aleisha and was open minded enough to consider and go ahead with the 3D tattoos that she offers for breast cancer survivors. After lots of major surgery, I couldn't face the plastic surgeon yet again, but every time I looked in the mirror it just wasn't right. Aleisha put me at ease and her studio felt so comfortable whilst being clean and hygienic that I coped well with the experience and I am absolutely delighted by the result. I would recommend her skill to anyone who finds themselves in my position. It has given me a feeling of satisfaction to know that I look like my old self even though logically that will never be the case. Thank you so much Aleisha.'


Many thanks for your help. I am truly surprised at how much different the tattoos make me feel. Just catching my reflection in the mirror after a shower is no longer horrific.  I know it's just smoke and mirrors, but they look so real! Even I am tricked! And it feels GREAT!! THANK YOU!!' 


'My nips look amazing!' 


The nurse and surgeon were very impressed, I believe the Breast Surgeon said” best nipples I’ve seen” 


In 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer after multiple surgeries and other treatments I underwent a full reconstruction of both breasts. I never intended on having my nipples tattooed or reconstructed but Aleisha came to talk at our breast cancer exercise group and after seeing her work I changed my mind. After the doctor made my nipples I went to see Aleisha and she tattooed on my areolas, they were so realistic, I could not of been happier. When you look in the mirror it is a constant reminder of what has been taken but with the work Aleisha did I feel more complete. I took the opportunity to have a hummingbird tattooed over my scar, further reducing the visual reminders of Breast Cancer. At a recent visit to my plastic surgeon and breast cancer surgeon they were both quick to compliment me on the tattoos, with my surgeon saying “the are the best nipple tattoos I have seen.” I am very grateful for the work Aleisha has done in making me feel whole again.


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